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Hello my fellow Earthlings! Here at Rerak we believe everything should be minimal, portable & earth friendly. We hope you jive with this too as we're stoked to share this concept with YOU! Since the beginning of it all we have aligned ourselves w/ the United Nations Sustainability Goals for 2030 and we're excited to add the Rerak to this initiative. Sustainability comes in all shapes and sizes, so why not embed it into a fun product that can be used at home tailgates, small get togethers or even out door events! Just imagine all the places you can take your table to and use it to play your favorite games to then simply recycle if needed or even reuse! (Yes! we are be adding a water resistant coating on our tops so you can play your favorite party games on there.)

We are opening our pre order phase NOW and offer our early adopter pricing to those who wants to be a part of this movement. Theres so much to share but for now let me tell you a few key facts about 2020 starting with, I know it was tough for us all. However I am happy to share that we got laser focused on our the Rerak table came out of quarantine leaner, stronger and way more compact than before. We plan to create so much more for everyone but we just need help getting this product off the ground, 2021 is our year let's make it happen by starting the conversation! and of course sharing, subscribing and anything else you can think of to help get this out! We ask for a little bit of patience as we aim to gain enough pre orders in the next coming weeks to be able to make Summer 2021 the best one yet. Thank you!


Help us make this product the best it can be! Have you ever experienced using the rerak table, if so please share your thoughts below or some questions or features you'd like to know more about. Thank you